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Pastor Taffi Dollar’s Exposition On The Biblical View On Gender Equality |

Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar are the senior pastor’s at World Changers Church International in Georgia, Atlanta, USA. Although this is not the couple’s first time in Nigeria, it was Pastor Taffi’s first time at the West Africa Faith Believers Convention, an interdenominational conference by Covenant Christian Centre, where Pastor Poju Oyemade is the senior pastor. Pastor Creflo, her husband, ministered at the conference last year and this year as well.

Pastor Taffi came fully prepared and dropped blazing hot biblical truths, especially about the issue of gender equality and what God’s plan for man in that regard is. She started off her first session on the topic of redemption which we have in Christ and carried on to teach on how this affects gender roles, her points backed up with scriptures.

Here is a summary of the points she made:

1. God created both man and woman in His image and gave them dominion over all creation (plants and animals), but not over themselves. No one is to dominate the other – Genesis 1:28, Genesis 5:2.

2. The domination of the man over his wife or man over woman came as a result of the fall, as a curse and Jesus has delivered us from that – Genesis 3:14-19, Galatians 3:13-23 – so our relationship with one another is by serving one another, not dominating.

3. When Jesus came, there was a shift. We now look to God, not men for our needs as women.

4. Jesus modelled service and biblical equality – the kind we should emulate.


5. We are all equal before God, with equal rights and blessings – Galatians 3:28

6. The word translated as ‘help’ in Genesis 2:18 actually means ‘strong rescue’. It was the woman that God created to rescue the man from loneliness.

7. The word translated as ‘head’ in 1 Corinthians 11 means ‘source’, not authority or ruler. So what it means is that the woman simply came from the man.


8. Christ is the head of the church but what He shows us not dictatorship; it is service. This should be the case with male and female as well.

9. Women must begin to be an active part of the church in order for the church to reach full potential in these last days. We were created to dominate together.

10. The ‘help’ is not a role that is subordinate and carries out domestic work.


11. Submission is first and foremost to God and this means being subject to Him and His will, and it is the way we can resist the devil and cause him to flee.

12. Submission is not forced obedience. Ours to God is as a result of our love for Him, not fear. Under the law, submission was harsh and demanding, but we’re under grace.

13. Submission is not leaving your brain at the door. It is not following without question.

14. The Bible instructs us all to submit to one another. Submission is for everyone in Christ – Ephesians 5:22.

15. Biblical submission is the inward agreement with the will of God, not an outward compliance with the letters of the law. It is mutual and is for the unifying of the body of Christ.

16. Submission is of God and should yield good fruits. Biblical submission is centred on Christ. It is not giving yourself up to be abused, it is not blind.

It was a really insightful lesson which really should be spread to the world.

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