Zimbabwean Prophet claims to find cure for HIV and cancer

Zimbabwean prophet and leader of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries, Mr Walter Magaya says he has found an organic cure to Human Immune Virus (HIV) infections and all types of cancers.He said the herbal cure, derived from a plant called Aguma, is 100 per cent organic, has no side effects and was developed by Aretha Medical, a medical facility of the PHD ministries with assistance from a team of experts from India.

The Aguma Plant

Mr Magaya who made this known at a press conference during the fifth-anniversary celebration of the PHD ministries in Harare Thursday described the Aguma plant as that which carries a lot of properties, phytochemicals to fight and cure HIV within a maximum of 14 days.He claimed that the chemicals found in ACUMA are enough to make an immune system strong and fight any form of viral infections and cancersAccording to Mr Magaya, two herbal products have been developed from the Aguma plant found in Zimbabwe, Onco powder to cure all types of cancers and Aguma capsules, an immune booster to cure HIV.

Efficacy of the cure

He stated that the team of researchers from India was still working to determine the dosage of the product which will be based on the viral load at a given time, adding that the products would be available on the market in the form of powder, pills and capsules by Saturday, November 3.Mr Magaya stated that he has tested the product on quite a number of persons living with HIV who become HIV negative after 14 days of taking the herb but refused to disclose the number of persons tested so far.

Product Certification

Commenting on the certification of the product, he mentioned that it has gone through the required forensic test to determine its efficacy in two laboratories in India and South Africa.“The chemicals found in Aguma are enough to cure HIV and cancer, it is meant for total healing and not treatment, this product will be produced mainly in Zimbabwe and will be distributed by members of the PDH ministries,” he said.He said the plant from which the cure was derived was revealed to him by God saying, “it has always been my prayer to find a solution that can help both believers and non-believers, I have been praying and concentrating on this, it has been so hard and I can assure you that the world may deny it, but will eventually agree.”

Mr Magaya stated that he found the cure two years ago and has since been working to ensure that the components of the plant were chemically and scientifically proven by a team of experts.HIV according to the prophet, was more of an African challenge and must be tackled with an African solution with a local cure by Africans.

“If it were a challenge of the western world, they would have found a cure to it by now, but as they found the cure to malaria, we must not allow them to always present the solutions, I was offered 56 million US dollars by an American company to disclose the plant,” he said.

The Government’s support

He stated the government of Zimbabwe was at liberty to test and find out the efficacy of the cure within the next 14 days.Mr Magaya said the right remained with the Zimbabwean government to make a statement about the product after running a test on it, to establish if it will pose any health threats to the people as well as its efficacy.The prophets said he intends to scale up the sale of the herbal cure to other counties through testimonial and recommendations by persons who will use it.A mobile application was launched together with the products to serve as an interaction space for persons who would like to inquire more about the Aguma HIV and cancer cure product.

Source: Linda Naa Deide Aryeetey, Harare